Premium Plus 60° Reciprocating Turbine Blade Prophy Angle Brushes Pk.100 Mini Cup

Code: PPLU-CT3399-60-R269


Code: PPLU-CT3399-60-R269
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Disposable 60° Turn Reciprocating Latex Free Prophy Angle Brushes

  • No Splatter “  The centrifugal force generated by a normal 360 ° turn prophy angle results in splattering and mess. Our  NEW  60 ° turn reciprocating prophy angles eliminates potential splattering of prophy paste, blood and saliva, keeping the prophy paste in the cup where it belongs.
  • No Heat “    Our  NEW  60 ° turn reciprocating prophy angles build up much less heat during use, assuring a smooth, cool treatment for your patient.
  • Effective   “ Due to less heat generated during use, if necessary more pressure may be applied to remove stubborn stains.
  • Faster “    Thanks to our innovatively designed  NEW  60 ° turn reciprocating prophy angles, the prophy cup or brush can be used continuously on the tooth surface, saving valuable chair time.
  • Safer “  The rotational motion of traditional prophy cups and brushes can cause laceration and bleeding of the gums. Our  NEW  60 ° turn reciprocating prophy angles provide a much safer and pain-free prophylaxis treatment.


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